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Posted not Posted (Hi Vincent!)
'Worldwide Response to Vincent van Gogh’s
last but not posted Letter' 

Your personal message to  Vincent van Gogh.

Posted not Posted is an invitation to
all the artist of the world to send Vincent van Gogh
a personal message to remember his tragic death
125 years ago on Tuesday 29 July 1890.

All messages will be exhibited in ARTSPACE about…this
in Arnhem in The Netherlands very near the famous
Kröller Müller Museum which owns one of the most important
collections of works by Van Gogh.

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A Handwritten Letter
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circa... dit
Weerdjestraat 8
6811 JE Arnhem
The Netherlands




about... this I circa ... dit  
Artspace Arnhem NL 
 12 June - 12 July 2015

On 29th of July 2015 it is exactly 125 years ago that Vincent van Gogh died
because of a shotwound which he inflicted on himself on Sunday 27th of July 1890.
According to his younger brother Theo, Vincent  had an unfinished not posted letter
on his body  when he wounded himself so seriously.
All the artist are invited to respond to this last but unfinished
and not posted letter from Vincent to his brother Theo.

All your personal letters, messages, films etcetera to Vincent van Gogh
are collected and exhibited on the second floor of 
ArtSpace about... this I Projectruimte circa... dit in Arnhem in The Netherlands
and shown to the public from 12 June - 12 July 2015. 

ArtSpace about... this I Projectruimte circa... dit in Arnhem is
in the heart of the Netherlands and very near the Kröller-Müller Museum 
which owns one of the largest Van Gogh collections of the world.
Hélène Kröller-Müller -founder of the Kröller-Müller Museum- 
was the owner of this oversized private collection.

You can read the English version of this not posted letter on the website Vincent van Gogh The Letters.

The Unfinished not Posted Letter:
RM25 To Theo van Gogh. Auvers-sur-Oise, Wednesday, 23 July 1890.

The Finished and Posted Letter:
902 To Theo van Gogh. Auvers-sur-Oise, Wednesday, 23 July 1890.

The idea and realization of this project are by:
Hiob’s Friends Foundation

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